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Maciej Nawrocki

Maciej Nawrocki.

Chief Data Officer, Credit Agricole Bank Poland

Maciej is recognised expert, manager and evangelist with 20 years of experience in consulting, management and R&D areas in the fields of data management, large volume data analysis, optimisation technology, mobile networks, as well as and numerical computing. Above includes the areas of smart city/grids, innovation management and business development followed by introduction of data driven culture in a banking field.

Now, Maciej holds the Chief Data Officer position at Credit Agricole Bank Poland, previously heading data warehousing and BI competence areas. In the past, he took numerous positions and roles in industry, consulting and academia within IT, telecom & banking fields together with initiatives for governmental bodies with sound focus on applicable approaches.

Dr Nawrocki is also the European Commission independent expert for number of innovative actions and projects in the areas of data, analytics, optimisation and computing as well as an author of number of publications including a book about mobile communications published by John Wiley & Sons and Chine Machine Press.

Maciej holds PhD degree in telecommunications, followed by PostDoc at the Kings College London.