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Marc Stowe - Direct Axis

Marc Stowe

Head of Technology: Financial Services, Direct Axis

An IT professional, the product of 19 years in retail, 2 years in dotcom start-ups and 3 years in financial services. While having a background in many diverse programming languages, my calling was in designing and building data structures, more specialised in Oracle but with a reasonable understanding of Microsoft technologies. While having designed, developed and implemented many systems in the past, the last decade has seen me in a management capacity responsible for teams and operational environments, as a business architect designing complex systems and solutions delivered through managed development teams, and as an agile service team leader adding progressive value to the business. As a leader I prefer to present myself as transformational, not instructing teammates in a task like fashion, but preferring to guide and co-develop purpose, align values and empower individuals to deliver to the best of their abilities, helping with personal growth where required. The last few years have seen me concentrate on digital transformation within business, using my 2 decades of development and design experience to automate and digitalise, driving data and service centralisation while looking for opportunities to streamline processes to reduce operational costs and improve delivery to customers.