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Mark McChlery

Mark McChlery

Chief Data & Analytics Officer, PayJustNow

We owe everyone around us to offer them the strongest foundation possible, but more importantly the optimism that they can reach a little higher. Curiosity, passion, enthusiasm and people are the legs to my table and I relish sitting at it to workshop the best way to change lives!

Its about passion, passion in your life that manifests in your personal relationships and your career. Business is a science - agreed, but its also an art. Its elements are its elements, but only through immersion does each element start to talk to you. And when it does, it tells you what it can handle and above all shouts out about what it needs.

When this happens, the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. All the businesses I have been involved in are an example of this. So many disparate products, concepts and ideas that needed to come together. By approaching my work with reverence and pouring myself into it ... it began to take a life of its own and dare I say I became very fond of my creation and proud of the teams I built and learnt from along the way.

It's the impresario mindset of initiation and improvisation that lies at the heart of what i do so exciting.