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Michael Evans

Head of Branch Experience, ASB

My current role is about running and leading the Branch Experience team through a period of change as the long-term physical and experiential make-up of Branch Banking are being determined.

My main focus is on ensuring the Retail Bank is ready for FY20 by making sure the strategy targets and addresses weaknesses, erosion of market share and key focus areas. With the increased regulatory focus I have also been ensuring the incentives programme for our frontline team is fit for purpose and leads to good customer outcomes.

Alongside this focus, I’m passionate about creating long-term sustainable capability at an organizational level. I have spearheaded two programmes of work. Firstly, the development of ASB’s first digital human “Josie”, giving ASB flexibility in the long-term to deliver enhanced conversational capability for less cost. And, secondly, the development of an enhanced workforce management model with an underlying workbench, allowing ASB to better understand capability and capacity and deliver work in a timely manner.