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Michelle Ashen-Abrahams

Michelle Ashen-Abrahams

People & Brand, MUA Insurance Acceptances (Pty) Ltd

Michelle is a professional coach, an Ubuntu Lab Facilitator for the Presencing Institute, is the CEO and founding member of Africans United and is responsible for marketing at MUA Insurance Acceptances (Pty) Ltd. Michelle has joined the global mindfulness movement and infused her client experience skills to redefine the growth of a business and a brand that delivers bespoke risk management solutions to high net worth individuals. She has crafted her skills across a variety of industries from fashion and advertising to radio and financial services. This well rounded professional is passionate about serving others, contributing towards closing the gap of inequality and educating South Africans on the importance of mindfulness as a means to combat racism, gender related issues, leadership and economic growth.

 “You can’t give what you don’t have. Mindfulness, sensing journey’s and collaboration unlocks more possibilities than traditionally thought possible.”