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Mohamed Fetiha

Mohamed Fetiha

Snr Supervisor: Data Mining & Analytics, Etisalat Misr

Major Responsibilities and Key Roles:

  • Analytics insights for all customer base for better understanding to customer behaviours.
  • Design and implement all required DM models to ensure providing product owners with the right action in the right time to uplift revenues.
  • Develop, implement and manage all operational aspects for sales & marketing teams leveraging corporate best practices; play key advisory role to the Top management.
  • Analyze and interpret both detailed transaction-level data and high-level operational reporting with emphasis on identifying root cause of key variances, exceptions, etc. at all levels.
  • Work with Finance and Sales to establish and manage key financial performance metrics, targets, and tracking processes to be used for performance measurement.
  • Collaborate with the Sales Compensation team, Human Resources and Finance on the implementation and measurement of compensation plans.
  • Support and drive sales technology adoption across all employees, overseeing compliance and management through technology. Look for future opportunities to enhance all sales systems.
  • Develop/ revise and implement business controls, policies, procedures and best practices in to maximize sales performance and comply with market requirements.