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Morgan Vawter

Chief Analytics Director, Caterpillar Inc.

Morgan Vawter is the Chief Analytics Director at Caterpillar, Inc. In her position, Morgan leads the global Information Analytics (IA) team. She’s responsible for setting the strategy and creating value from analytics solutions for Caterpillar’s customers, 170+ dealers, and the Caterpillar enterprise.

Her team is helping to develop and provide predictive analytics capabilities to customers. These predictive products and services already give Caterpillar and our dealers a competitive advantage – and the IA team is working on additional solutions that will help keep it that way. The IA team also wants to drive a “data beats opinions” culture within Caterpillar. The team is empowering business units throughout the company to become more data-driven by investing in analytics solutions to big, cross-functional business issues and providing analytic resources and tools to business partners and dealers. Morgan’s team also drives digital and analytics innovation through their innovation labs at the University of Illinois Chicago and Urbana-Champaign.

Before joining Caterpillar, Morgan held a number of top data analytics positions at leading firms, including Accenture Interactive, consulted for more than 40 Fortune 500 companies on analytics, and taught Business Analytics Management at Columbia University.