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Mozhgan Memari University of Auckland

Mozhgan Memari

Lead Data Scientist, The University of Auckland

Dr Mozhgan Memari has more than 10 years of practical, teaching and research experience in information systems including recommendation systems, data management, databases, data quality, and data analytics.

Currently, she  is the lead data scientist at Planning and Information Office at the University of Auckland, leading several data analytics projects. Those projects involve integration and preparing the internal and external data sources and applying different advance analytical techniques to get more insights from the data for decision making purposes.  

 Mozhgan is one of the inventors of the data quality and data profiling tool called Snooperior. She also has designed a data quality framework for the university of Auckland data warehouse. A list of Mozhgan's publications and presentations is available atlinkedin.com/in/mozhganmemari