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nick new

Nick New

Managing Director of North America , AVADO

Nick’s career began in CPG brand management in the mid 90’s, before moving into a variety of roles in agencies, publishing, software & technology, mobile startups, e-commerce, radio presenting, creative direction, executive producing, artist management and the entertainment business.

Spanning these roles, Nick has always been a change agent and a champion of professional practice. He’s lead marketing teams and managed agencies as local and global marketing executive, lead tech startup teams in challenging times, and helped boards raise VC funds for global expansion.

Nick’s hands on experience of working for global brands (Colgate Palmolive, Corel, Universal Music, Time Inc.), local agencies (SMP, Fishtank, Exposure, RED), and with global artists (Lady Gaga, Metallica, Bon Jovi, Arcade Fire) as well as startups gives Nick unique perspective into practical innovation and change across a variety of business cultures.

Nick is currently Managing Director for North America for AVADO, and works with our leading clients.