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Olmo Martinez

Former Head of Data Europe, Anheuser-Busch InBev

Olmo is a Data Scientist, entrepreneur and change maker. He was one of the first joiners of ZXVentures (AB-Inbev) as Head of Data & BI for all European operations. ZXVentures is a disruptive growth organisation part of AB-Inbev set to disrupt the beer industry and wider beverage & experiences industry. Olmo's responsibilities include leading and developing the data roadmap: from asking the right questions and designing the data architecture, to in-house development of innovative data products and democratising data across the entire organisation. Olmo's past achievements include inventing an unsupervised multidimensional clustering algorithm; he was the first Data Scientist at TripAdvisor CPC; and he developed a process to optimise AdWords bidding. He collaborated with various not-for-profit organisations and worked as a strategy consultant. Studied finance and marketing at ICADE, CBS and McGill University and worked for three years in China. Olmo loves developing data models that are able to explain reality and bring value to users, and creating collaborative environments to help talent grow within the organisation. He taught himself how to code in Python, regularly joins Python & Data conferences and you will likely find him coding early in the morning while sipping a coffee and listening to music.