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Phill Haynes

General Manager of Customer Experience & Network, GM Holden New Zealand

Phill has 30 years of customer, end user, negotiating, planning and sales knowledge built up through the Car, Motorbike, Marine, Power Equipment and Private Consulting industries. His experience is global too having worked with most major volume motor brands across the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, also including project work in the USA and Japan. So he’s been filling his toolkit with insights, trends, tricks and skills that are truly multi-faceted and were particularly useful a few years ago at Deloitte where he provided Private Consulting services to NZ and Aus clients. Culturally he’s a can-do futurist who see’s things differently to most – he’ll explain why that is on the day as he’s not your average joe. Phill will talk about win-win CX, and explain what CX means in the boardroom, where you’re role is really all about Sales, not customer experience.