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Pip Cameron

Phillipa Cameron

Chief Customer Officer, Stuff

Pip has been appointed to the new executive position of Chief Customer Officer (CCO), following her appointment to the executive team in late 2017 as Brand and Communications Director. As CCO, Pip will assume full responsibility for the relationship and experience of the customer with Stuff and all of its products across marketing, brand and communications. The role will have a strong focus on enhancing and building customer revenues, including responsibility for leading the business’ membership strategy across Stuff, Neighbourly and all new ventures.

From audiences, members, advertisers, subscribers or partners, Pip understands the importance of putting our customers at the heart of all our decision-making and her team is responsible for managing relationships and the experiences of Stuff’s diverse customers and stakeholders right across our product portfolio.

Pip, with more than eight years at Stuff under her belt, is a part of the Global Women Breakthrough Leaders group and sits on the Stuff Pix board. She is passionate about creating superior customer experiences and bringing brands to life in a purposeful way – both to internal and external audiences and stakeholders.