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Rajiv Synghal

Chief Architect of Big Data Strategy, Kaiser Permanente

Rajiv Synghal is principal of big data strategy at Kaiser Permanente. Previously, he held delivery and architecture roles in Fortune 100 organizations, including Visa and Nokia, and startups, such as Kivera. An accomplished strategic thinker and adviser to senior management on issues around growth, profitability, competition, and innovation, Rajiv is equally adept at presenting value propositions to top management and doing deep dives with fellow engineers. Rajiv is the rare kind of technology professional who carries within him the pragmatism of business urgency and the will to find a way to solve a problem no matter what it takes. He has demonstrated an uncanny ability to learn and teach new concepts, easily adapt to change, and manage multiple concurrent tasks. Rajiv is currently advising a number of startups in the big data space that are developing technologies to provide strategic solutions to challenges in the healthcare field.