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rama motwani

Rama Motwani

Senior Program Manager, Data Engineering, WWE

Rama is a Visionary Executive Leader for Organisations ranging in scope from $25M Startup’s to $34B Fortune 500’s in diverse industries and market segments, navigating through various inflection points.Serves as a catalyst for Passionate Neuroscience based Level 5 Entrepreneurial Leadership using inverted pyramid philosophy (who, what, when, where, why, how?), infusing organisations with stage 5 culture, customer centric policies and service as a top priority.

Expertise in Digital Strategy Innovation, Omni Channel and Device Marketing Optimization and Analytics, Cloud Computing: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS — Amazon Web Services (AWS),Big Data,Content Marketing, Application Security,Disaster Recovery,Data warehouse with industry domains of Digital, Social Media, ECommerce, Mobile Commerce, Hospitality, Real Estate.