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Renier Jansen van Vuuren

Renier Jansen van Vuuren

Head: Client Journey, Momentum Digital

Renier’s been with Momentum for 18 years; simply because he loves Momentums’ culture.

His experience includes a mix of strategy, operations, technology, governance and innovation. This background allows him to understand the nuances, demands and requirements specific to customer experience (CX) strategy and operations. In other words, he’s seen what the business looks like from the inside-out, now he’s looking at it from the outside-in.

His vision is to utilise technology, analytics and digital strategies to improve, customise, personalise and simplify client's experiences whilst they are interacting with the Momentum brand and digital platforms — mobile, website, intermediary work-space and more.

His mission is to make clients, intermediaries and employees feel empowered, respected and understood; to ensure there is a seamless, consistent experience across the entire lifecycle of the relationship.