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Robert Whetsel, DOD

Dr Robert Whetsel.

Chief Technical Advisor to the 4th Estate, Department of Defense

Dr. Robert C. Whetsel, Data Scientist & Technical Executive - Driving Digital Data Transformation within the Government

 Dr. Robert C. Whetsel has a career that has spanned more than 25 years within the Department of Defense (DoD). His current role as the Chief Technical Advisor for the 4th Estate Network Optimization and Defense Enclave Services is pivotal for designing and developing the future Defense Networking and Enterprise Services for the DoD. The project is consolidating 14 DoD Agencies, encompassing 3 continents, 800 locations, 1100 buildings, 9000 enclaves, 500K seats, 1M endpoint devices, and over 50 Enterprise Services.

 He is a recipient of Strategy and Innovation Executive Education certificate from MIT Sloan School of Management. In addition, Dr. Whetsel has a Masters of Computer Science in Artificial Intelligence, and a Doctor of Computer Science in Big Data Analytics. Noteworthy, Dr. Whetsel has conducted research and published several papers into big data complexity problems that are foundational in understanding computational resource planning.

 Dr. Whetsel began his career in 1984 with the DoD as an active duty enlisted member of an Anti-Terrorist Combative unit. He spent a total of 13 years active duty and 13 years reserve time with multiple deployments in service of the United States Military before retiring as an Army Reserve Officer (2019). The last 10 years of his military career he has worked as a Cyber Operator (17A) and Joint Network Attack (9N) planner training and evaluating the readiness of the next generation of Cyber Protect Teams (CPT)s for Army Reserve Cyber.

 Dr. Whetsel is often sought out for his ability to solve long-standing complex technical problems. He has worked on and resolved several projects over the lifetime of his career for  the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community.