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Roshan Goolaup

Strategy & Analytics Manager, CIEL Finance - Bank One (Mauritius)

Strategy: Spearheading strategic initiatives of operational units for a bank wide impact. 5 Main Strategies were defined which are currently being implemented: Transformation, Payments, Data and Cost Optimization Strategy
∟ Transformation: Process Reviews | Architectural Revamp on Cloud | Culture & Comms
∟ Payments: Establishment of ecosystem | Customer & Merchant onboarding | Instant payments
∟ Data: Architecture Setup | Governance | Competency & Culture | Definitions | User Needs | Sanity
∟ Operating Model: Capacity Planning | Forecasting | Dimensioning Operations
∟ Cost Optimization: Contracts & Supplier Management | Negotiations | Inbuilt SLAs
• Data: Heading initiatives defined in the Data RoadMap based on 6 Pillars with aim of transforming the Bank into a Data Driven Organization. Multi-functional squad has been set-up which is being piloted to convert manual paper based reporting into fully automated self-serviced business intelligence
∟ Architecture: Setting up infrastructure foundation for RoadMap on Cloud [full MicroSoft Stack]
∟ Processes: Establishing Enterprise Data Management practices to govern entire data life cycle
∟ Definitions: Ensuring that proper definitions are in place to supplement information delivery
∟ Requirements: Fronting & refining the documentation of prioritized requirements existing while eliminating redundant reports
∟ People: Piloting interactive regular workshops to improve data literacy and allow co-creation. Setting up periodic newsletters so as to inculcate a Data Culture
∟ Sanity: Steering data cleanup initiatives so as to ensure data quality and thus reinforcing trust around delivered MIs & Dashboards