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Sarah Brownback

Sarah Brownback

SVP Head of Social Channels Digital Customer Experience, Citi

Serving the Coca-Cola ecosystem to identify and provide innovative solution images for strategic global growth opportunities in underdeveloped, emerging growth and disruptive channels/occasions- all commerce verticals with particular focus on Ecommerce. 

Provide customer, commercial and marketing strategies for global omni-channel verticals including; last moment of truth (last mile), new retail, O2O, foodservice, entertainment, eB2B, DTC, parallel distribution networks, ecommerce, conversational - voice, replatforming, media commerce, offline live verticals, ebrand houses, pop up retail, influencer platforms, subscriptions, cognitive commerce, distributive commerce and the rural trade vertical.

Ultimately serving our system and customers to replatform, rescale and reskill enterprises to enable accelerated forward growth.