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Sherif Barakat

VP & Chief Commercial Officer, Samsung Electronics

I am a seasoned executive with broad experience in technology, e-commerce, telecom, consumer electronics in B2B/B2C and government channels.

I Joined Samsung Electronics in August of 2012 as Country Director in charge of all mobile phones, tablets, TV and white goods.

Currently am managing all electronics businesses for Samsung with a portfolio of above $1billion annually.

Prior to joining Samsung, I was General Manager of Nokia Corp covering all of North Africa countries: Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Sudan and Morocco.

Prior to joining Nokia, I worked for top multinationals in senior position, including: Motorola, Siemens and Alcatel.
Being based in many countries in middle East and Africa like: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and Morocco, I got experience and connections in all GCC countries, specially SAUDI ARABIA.