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Skye Nicholls photo

Skye Nicholls

General Manager of Customer Experience, Canon New Zealand Limited

Skye joined Canon after working in the services industry for more than 15 years with experience in finance, process innovation, consultancy, change management and general management. He has managed large scale operations in Australia, New Zealand, Philippines and the USA.

Prior to joining Canon, Skye spent the previous 4 years as Country Manager in NZ. During his time as Country Manager, he led the extraction of 2 business units from NZ Post to create Converga NZ. He led the acquisition of a major competitor to strengthen value proposition and drive shareholder value. As part of the executive team, he was a part of the sale and integration of Converga Group into Canon Oceania.

Skye joined Canon in January 2017, with the establishment of a new division focused on ‘delivering awesome experiences’ to Canon’s customers. He is responsible for supply chain, operations, professional services & business transformation.

Skye has a passion for customers and is focused on delivering ‘frictionless experiences’. A key strategy in achieving this outcome has been understanding what customers want, and then deliver these outcomes in a sensible and pragmatic way.