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Susanne Stevenson

Susanne Stevenson

CX Strategy Manager, IAG

Susanne joined IAG NZ in August 2016, responsible for building the customer experience capability within IAG NZ to be truly customer led and data driven.   She first created a clear vision of IAG’s CX Strategy Roadmap and now on the journey of building out our foundational CX components to enable IAG to achieve our goal of “best in class”.

Prior to this, Susanne has worked predominately across the financial services sector within the UK and NZ.  She has been instrumental in shaping and delivering strategic change across a broad spectrum of areas from a digital, change management and customer experience perspective. 

For the past 9 years, Susanne’s prime focus and passion has been Customer Experience.  Building on her previous experience has enabled her to shape programmes of work to transform organisations to deliver amazing customer experiences.

Some key achievements:

  • 2011 BNZ transformation of Branch and Business Partner physical environment with overall responsibility of end to end customer experience.
  • 2013 Designing and implementing Customer Service Standard change programme across New Zealand Racing Board to achieve +3 Strategic NPS increase within first year and annual turnover of +5%.
  • 2017 endorsement and mobilisation of CX Enterprise Strategy to shift IAG NZs CX Maturity
  • 2018 building out CX design capability within IAG