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Thanh Nguyen

Thanh Nguyen

A/g National Manager Enterprise Architecture, Department of Human Services

Thanh is currently the National Manager of Enterprise Architecture in the Chief Technology Officer Division at the Department of Human Services.   

Thanh has been in the technology industry in various roles including as a Business Analyst, Systems Developer, Database Administrator, Data Architect, Information Architect and Enterprise Architect.   

Prior to working at the Department of Human Services, Thanh has also worked in the private industry for major technology vendors.

Thanh is passionate about technology, data, analytics and artificial intelligence. Thanh is passionate about harnessing talent and promotes the development of high performing teams. 

Thanh has developed the department’s Cognitive Computing Strategy as well as the Big Data Strategy. He has help teams realise these strategies using the emergent technology platforms.

He drives team enthusiasm to combine technology and data to help organisations thrive and demonstrate the art of the possible.