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Tia Castagno

MD & Global Head of Innovation, Vizeum

I lead the Global Innovation function at one of the top global communication networks and also look after a global department as their MD.
In my professional and personal endeavours, I work with leaders, people and teams who are under pressure and/or recognise the importance of Mental Health & resilience to improve performance & Creative output as well as build effective communication patterns and stay in control of their lives overall.

Having studied and taught yoga and meditation for over 10 years, I have discovered a huge connection between mindfulness & Creative expression, Resilience and Success. So I decided to found UnlockYourBlock, a practical program of workshops that teaches timeless skills and simple tools necessary to embody this way of living. UYB rests on the strong belief and scientific proof, that in order to fully express our potential, it is essential to nurture our mind and body, via practices of 'self-regulation', aimed at maintaining our energy levels on full charge through the day.

You will often find me headlining as a Motivational Speaker at various events, talking about Resilience, Creativity, Leadership and Human Potential.