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Tshilidzi Mudau

Head of AI Labs & Lead Data Scientist, Standard Bank

Using my experience in building machine learning models, AI systems, software development and model deployment, I provide the leadership required to produce and deploy high quality data science models. I lead a team of data scientists, data analysts, machine learning engineers and AI specialist. In this capacity I develop models as well as lead on all AI and data science projects in which we are involved. I also have regular engagements with business units whom we are building models for to make sure that we remain aligned and meet their expectations.

I'm also the head of the bank wide's data science model productionalisation working group. This is a grouping responsible for defining and implementing the standards for data science models in the bank. I also form part of the bank's tooling working group which vets new and old data science tools and packages for their suitability based on licensing, security, purpose and maintainability.