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Verine Etsebeth - WITS

Verine Etsebeth

Senior Lecturer, WITS University

Verine Etsebeth is a senior lecturer at the Wits School of Law. Verine is an admitted attorney who did her articles in the IT law department of Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs Attorneys. She has a Masters degree in Law (LLM dissertation entitled “The Legal Implications of Information Security Governance”) and Higher Diplomas in Corporate Law, Tax Law and Labour Law, and is currently enrolled for a PhD at Wits. Verine specialises in Information Security and data protection law, and is the co-ordinator of and a lecturer on Wits’ LLM course in Cyber Law and Access to Information and Privacy Law. She has presented papers at numerous national and international conferences and has published articles in a range of local and international publications on the subject matter of IT law. Verine has been awarded a 3-year bursary from the Mellon Retiree Trust Fund and had recently been afforded the opportunity to visit Harvard Law School, in Boston, MA, USA in the summer of 2012.