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william peres

William Peres

Founder & CEO, Serious Factory

With more than 20 years of experience in 3D and immersive technologies, William founded Serious Factory with one goal in mind:  ensuring that everybody has access to personal growth of competencies to increase employment capabilities.


His vision of Learning & Development relies on what he believes is the missing link of training programs: practice of competencies and behaviours that fit the real needs of companies nowadays.


To achieve this, Serious Factory focused on 2 main objectives: a tailor-made approach for premium eLearning projects made with an agile methodology called co-design and the development of its own authoring tool, VTS Editor, to democratise 3D simulations and Serious Games to make it accessible to everyone.


Indeed, internalizing your production of training content reduces costs drastically (For a fraction of the cost of creating one project externally, companies can now create unlimited number of projects internally), customize the learner’s experience according to the company’s values (increase in knowledge retention) and gives the manager control over the growth of its employees (quantitative and qualitative feedback)!