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Analyttica TreasureHunt (ATH) is a patented technology enabled experiential and contextual analytics platform, created and launched by Analyttica, designed to simulate and leverage “on-the-job” experiences. 

ATH up-skills & cross-skills talent in a highly effective and efficient way. ATH encapsulates the offerings around a LEARN | APPLY | SOLVE framework, where businesses and analysts can leverage the platform to learn conventional & emerging techniques with hands-on applications on real business data. With parallel skill immersion, they can apply and solve business problems in a ‘Point n Click’ or ‘Coding’ format, with seamless toggle between the two. User critical thought process is captured via user actions, and is used to enable optimization of user journeys to convergence.

ATH is patented in USA for invention in the education space pertaining to analytics and data science, with contextual application to specific industries based on the data being loaded into the platform. Multiple other patents are being applied for with use of ML and AI in the platform to create an Adaptive Machine Learning System. ATH competes with analytical experience itself.