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Assima provides digital solutions that empower your employees to do more, faster and smarter, on their critical information systems.

Train is an application cloning technology that speeds up your enterprise system training rollouts. Its unique UI cloning capability ensures you meet critical demands: rapid content development, flexible content localization, reduced training infrastructure costs, improved user competence.

Assist is an intelligent application overlay that improves your end user performance. Its in-context, content injection capability drives adoption of your systems and processes: learning in the workflow, best practice guidance, better user actions, better decisions made, better data in.

Assima delivers its award-winning solutions to the world’s largest organizations, including Accenture, BP, Coca-Cola, GlaxoSmithKline, Home Depot, Shell International, The National Health Service, Toyota, and Unilever.

With direct operations in 11 countries across Europe, North America and Africa, complemented by strategic global partnerships, at Assima we succeed, when you succeed.