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Blue Turtle Technologies

In today’s results-and-benefits driven digital age, it is critical that an enterprise is backed by the proper infrastructure to meet the demands of its market. At Blue Turtle, you will find the perfect partner to help align your business and IT strategies.

As one of South Africa’s leading enterprise technology management companies, you are assured focused IT and Service Management solutions in the areas of Technology Business Management, Information Management, Application Management, Infrastructure and Operations as well as IT Risk and Security– which will cover your company’s requirements of:

Our tailored solutions are assembled according to the specific needs of your enterprise’s current setup and then skillfully combined with your directives – resulting in optimised, reliable and efficient performance of your IT environment, whilst assisting in obtaining strategically aligned goals along the way.

Our approach, to IT solutions, is always innovative, flexible and professional. We are supported by some of the world’s finest technology and best-practice services – all backed by a collective of professionals who bring a wealth of expertise to the Blue Turtle offering.

We have a host of globally renowned software products at our fingertips – however, our choice of carefully selected vendors is dependent on the solutions you require.

Our ability to manage diverse systems is our forte and our solid expertise on how to implement strategic and results-driven solutions, across a broad range of platforms, environments and applications, is why Blue Turtle is the best partner for your enterprise!