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CEMOSoft is an innovative “Customer Experience Management” platform for enterprises to engage customers. CEMOSoft addresses CXO’s challenges and needs: engaging millennials/generation-Z, building brands, improving customer satisfaction, positioning for new growth, and adopting emerging technologies.  CEMOSoft enables businesses to embark on business digital-transformation involving processes and customers, what we term “Digitization”. 

CEMOSoft allows business managers to engage customers with mobile smart phones and tablets in a two way conversation in-store, on-premises and online.  Businesses get customer insight, the opportunity to reciprocate, give reward, and position for new sales/commerce, what we call  “Reciprocity Commerce” or “R-Commerce”. 

CEMOSoft 2.0 (“CEM”) platform of products includes Insight, Reward, Analytics, and CEMOSoft 3.0 (“CEMO”) has two additional products: Omnichannel and Advertisement.

CEMOSoft Cloud Mobile SAAS platform solution is available for immediate implementation for use at your business.  Also, available for implementation are Cloud Edge-IOT, Intel® NUC (Next Unit of Computing) KIOSK to provide newer ways to engage customers.

CEMOSoft welcomes CCO Fall Delegates to a personalized platform DEMO* and get qualified for a CEMOSoft ‘Trial’ free account for use at your business.

Contact CCOFall18@cemosoft.com to schedule your DEMO* and for more details. Visit: https://www.cemosoft.com