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CEMOSoft is an innovative “Customer Experience Management” platform for enterprises to engage customers.  CEMOSoft enables businesses to embark on business digital-transformation involving processes and customers, termed “Digitization”.

CEMOSoft addresses CXO’s challenges and needs, such as:

  • Engaging millennials/generation-Z,
  • Building brands,
  • Improving customer experiences, satisfaction,
  • Positioning for new growth, and
  • Adopting emerging technologies

CEMOSoft allows business managers to engage customers with mobile smart phones and tablets in a two-way conversation in-store/on-premise and/or online.  Businesses get customer insight, the opportunity to reciprocate, give reward, and position for new sales/commerce, termed as “Reciprocity Commerce” or “R-Commerce”.

CEMOSoft 2.0 platform of products includes Insight, Reward, Analytics, and CEMOSoft 3.0 has two additional products: Omnichannel and Advertisement. For branded retailers CEMOSoft has KIOSK solution that includes item ordering through delivery. With KIOSK businesses impart new innovations and customer experiences, consumer derives new ways to engage-shop. New for the CPG sector is “Product Registration” product integrated to CEMOSoft platform.

CEMOSoft Cloud is implemented three ways for a business:

  • Mobile solution is available for immediate use at your business
  • Cloud KIOSK with Intel® NUC (Next Unit of Computing/Mini-PC)
  • Cloud Edge with IOT Gateway.

CEMOSoft welcomes CCOI Delegates to a personalized platform DEMO* and get qualified for a CEMOSoft Pilot program for your business.

To schedule a platform demo, write/email : demos@cemosoft.com

Visit: https://www.cemosoft.com