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Dataiku develops Dataiku Data Science Studio, the unique advanced analytics software
solution that enables companies to build and deliver their own data products more efficiently.

Thanks to a collaborative and team-based user interface for data scientists and beginner
analysts, to a unified framework for both development and deployment of data projects, and
to immediate access to all the features and tools required to design data products from
scratch, users can easily apply machine learning and data science techniques to all types,
sizes, and formats of raw data to build and deploy predictive data flows.

More than 100 customers in industries ranging from ecommerce, to industrial factories, to
finance, to insurance, to healthcare, and pharmaceuticals use Dataiku DSS on a daily basis to
collaboratively build predictive dataflows to detect fraud, reduce churn, optimize internal
logistics, predict future maintenance issues, and more. Dataiku has offices in Paris, New
York, London, Munich and in the Bay Area.