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GainInsights (GI) is a global consulting firm specializing in platform-based offerings in areas of Data, Analytics, Cognitive and Serverless. Our flagship products include AI-driven Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM), Test & Learn and ‘Strait’, a collaborative platform for businesses to run analytics models at scale.

Products overview

  • MMM enables businesses achieve their revenue targets by optimizing their marketing spend across media channels. It also helps clients understand the impact of each marketing, executional and macro-economic drivers on different KPIs like Sales, Revenue, Brand equity.
  • Test and Learn helps clients understand the impact of high investment decisions such as media-heavy up, new ads, new packaging, price points without up-front risks using advanced statistical techniques like ANCOVA.
  • Strait enables teams of data scientists, data engineers and production engineers’ prototype, build, deploy and manage hundreds of analytic models at high efficiencies and scale.

For more information on our offerings, visit www.gain-insights.com.