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Nixora Group

Nixora Group is a professional advisory firm dedicated to support Financial Institutions and Large Corporations in improving and excelling data management, business and risk analytics, and compliance reporting.

We partner with Industry leader IT providers such as IBM, Oracle, Moody’s Analytics, AxiomSL and ASG to create innovative solution provided by highly experienced local consultants capable to deal with both business and technical aspects of any data and analytics projects.

Leveraging the latest technology offering, coupled with best practices and industry experience, Nixora Group delivers business expansion to our partners and improved performance to our clients.

With extensive experience in implementing Risk & Compliance solutions, Nixora Group is the ideal partner when addressing complex technical aspects of risk data & data compliance projects.

If you would like to know more about Nixora Group, contact us today at contact@nixoragroup.com.au for a consultation, or connect with us on LinkedIn, follow us on Facebook and Twitter or visit our web site nixoragroup.com.au.