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Protegrity offers the only data-first security solution to ensure comprehensive discovery and protection of sensitive enterprise data in motion, in use and at rest. The solution (Protegrity Prime) is a single, scalable offering of technology, services, and expertise spanning data discovery, auditing, monitoring, and protection. Protegrity Prime provides complete control and visibility of enterprise data across all silos, including the cloud, delivering total data privacy and regulatory compliance, while enabling new data-driven innovation throughout the enterprise.

Protegrity Prime is backed by the deep security experience and knowledge of the Protegrity team, who have supported data security initiatives at hundreds of customers in data-centric industries. Protegrity Prime’s scalable data security is managed through a centralized dashboard, making it easy to manage sensitive data across silos. Whether working in the cloud, on-premise or with a SaaS application, enterprises can be confident Protegrity is protecting their most sensitive data.