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QWAFAFEW (http://qwafafew.org) is an informal non-profit social organization of quantitatively interested investment professionals, students and friends. The name QWAFAFEW (pronounce “quaff-a-few”) is a double entendre. The acronym is derived from Quantitative Work Alliance for Applied Finance Education and Wisdom.

The group was formed in Boston in 1990 to provide a venue for quantitative researchers to discuss their evolving work with peers. Since then, 11 other global chapters have launched. The organization is meant to provide a collegial forum to promote the sharing of analytical research pertinent to the investment industry. The forum is also serves as a conduit for networking. Meetings are held after-work in casual environments such as bars, clubs, and restaurants.

QWAFAFEW has held chapter meetings in Boston, Chicago, Denver, Edinburgh UK, London UK, Hartford, Jersey City, Los Angeles Metro, Milan Italy, New York, Philadelphia Metro, Pittsburgh, Princeton, San Francisco, Sao Paolo Brazil, Sydney Australia, Tokyo Japan, Toronto ON, Vancouver, BC, and Washington DC. The most active chapters today are Boston, New York, Italy (Milan), Denver, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia Metro and Edinburgh UK. Since chapters are all locally initiated and run, we (Boston and New York especially) will make every effort from a media/website/advisory perspective to support meetings and efforts everywhere.