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Smart Video Australia is Australia’s premier interactive, data-driven, personalised SaaS video communication platform. We create bespoke Video CX programs for leading organisations, facilitating highly personalised customer interactions at every step of the customer lifecycle.

Our interactive Customer Engagement solutions range from Acquisition, Retention and On-Boarding, through to Airline/Credit Card and other Loyalty Programs. We also offer Video Billing/Statements for the Telecommunications, Utilities and Superannuation space, as well as Insurance Policy Sign-up, Renewals and Claims. Our Video CX Platform can also be utilised for internal employee engagement and on-boarding.

Videos are generated in real time, streamed live, with customised audio, within seconds of the customer hitting the ‘play’ button. Our advanced cloud-based platform’s CTA functionality enables clients to create interactive, unique customer journeys and integrates seamlessly with your existing CRM, DMP and eDM platform.  Interactivity includes in-player, clickable CTA buttons and other redemption functionalities. API analytics built into our video software platform capture metrics in real-time around the effectiveness of our campaigns.

Our platform allows customer-centric companies to harness the power of real-time data-driven and personalised video content. The result is an incredibly powerful piece of communication, creating increased customer engagement and a seamless customer experience. Personalised videos can be delivered simultaneously to millions of customers, deliverable across all devices, and through any social channel.

Our Customer Engagement applications demonstrably increase NPS, loyalty and sales, whilst reducing customer churn, call centre traffic, and other customer communication costs.

We have delivered over 24 million personalised videos since 2014.