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VoiceSense specializes in predictive speech analytics for enterprises. Our speech analysis technology offers an innovative biometric concept, based on VoiceSense unique expertise in the fields of signal processing, psychology and speech.

Our speech approach uses prosodic (non-content) analysis and focuses on the relations between individual speech patterns and between personality, behavioral tendencies, sentiment, state of mind and well-being. The analysis is fully language independent, automatic, accurate, well validated and patent granted worldwide.

We offer dedicated predictive analytics solutions for the enterprise as follows:

Finance and Insurance Personalized Risk Assessment

  • Insurance Claim Prediction
  • Insurance 'Return to Work' Prediction (after disability)
  • Loan Default Prediction

Health and Wellness Analytics

  • Mental health monitoring
  • Well-being monitoring
  • Elderly monitoring
  • Population health and wellness statistics and risk groups

Personalized Marketing

  • Online Buying Prediction
  • Buying Style Prediction
  • Campaign monitoring

Personalized Retention

  • Churn Prediction
  • Loyalty Style Prediction
  • Customer dissatisfaction monitoring