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A Fresh Perspective – What it’s like joining Corinium

Written by Claire Mullarkey on Jul 1, 2019, 2:52:48 PM

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In my 19 year career, remote working was never an option – all previous employers felt my sales role must be highly visible, both internally and client facing.

Nearly every company I worked (from London to Sydney, both small and large companies) had a fixed mind-set when it came to flexible working – and fixed and flexible don’t really go hand in hand! Gaining permission for a member of my team to work reduced, flexible hours or potentially one day home was always a struggle. 

So when Corinium approached me to discuss the role of Digital Sales Director and that the role would be 100% remote working, I was excited to embrace an opportunity that would offer a new way of working.

This way of working was a massive change for me, and one that comes with huge upsides as well as a few interesting challenges.

So here I am, four weeks in. At work, I’ve established my new role, started getting some results in and am ready to ramp up and succeed. Essentially the role is very similar to previous role but now I make work, work around me. At home, I’m no longer the last person to collect my child from nursery after a mad dash across London and I see more of my kids every day. I’m still getting the perfect set up established, but so far so good, so I thought I’d share a few nuggets of gold that I have learnt so far:

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  • You are not actually on your own. Sure, we don’t all go to the same place to work, but we all collectively log in each morning onto our messenger platform, we say hello and good morning digitally and share pictures of our cats, kids and breakfasts. We instantly have the ability to catch up on any overnight developments - as a global company there is always news from the other side of the world to read about in the morning! There is a real genuine sense of community.
  • You have to get over you fear of looking foolish pretty fast. Turning to your pod buddy and sheepishly asking a question with an obvious answer is no longer an option. Reach out, ask the obvious questions because there is literally no one sitting next to you (well maybe your cat.)
  • Make your communications personal, let your quirky, bubbly self-come out. Remote working does not mean you can hide behind a screen and become a keyboard warrior. Call your colleagues, not just message and email. Speak. I regularly use conference calls with colleagues as a way to connect, share ideas and get updates from around the globe. 
  • Remote working means remote working, do not tie yourself to your house, mix it up, go to the library, shared office space, café, figure out what works for you – top tip not all café wifi is created equal.
  • Change your mind-set it’s not about 9 to 5 but productivity and output!
  • Be kind to yourself, in an office you would have breaks away from you screen, internal meetings, coffee runs, water cooler chats. These micro breaks actually make you more productive. The downside of working from home is that when you take a break you end up doing the washing or folding socks - its ok just to sit for 5 and eat a sandwich.
  • Learn when to switch off. It is easy to keep going - especially in a ramp up phase like we are in, but give yourself a break.  Turn the lap top off; it will be there tomorrow and a refreshed mind-set will make you more productive.
  • This is the future of work, it’s what our technology allows us to do, but it is still all new and new things can make you feel uncomfortable. If you get the opportunity to work remotely stick with it as the benefits for you, and in my case also my family, are huge.
  • Live by the informal company motto “Don’t’ let idiots on the boat”. So don’t be an idiot. Do a good job, keep the ship sailing smoothly and quickly in to new territories and have some fun along the way.

We genuinely have a good thing going on here at Corinium, a wonderful mix of working with clever independent adults who above all value one thing: Trust.

It is still early days for me at Corinium, but I am excited by the possibilities and opportunities a fast growing, forward thinking company can offer.


Claire Mullarkey, Digital Sales Director, Corinium Digital




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