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Why I Joined Corinium...Adam Shaw

Written by Adam Shaw on Jul 1, 2019 2:29:51 PM

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In Feb 2018 I was commuting home looking forward to seeing my wife and three-month old son and celebrating our first pancake day together. I didn’t care that he would be too young to remember it but I couldn’t wait to get home, flip a few pancakes in the air in front of him in his bouncer, watch him gurgle with delight and then put him to bed. As we left London Bridge an announcement came on the tannoy that due to signalling failure we would be running 40 mins late.

I looked up and saw almost everyone on the train get out their phones to presumably do the exact same thing. This crushed me, it was like I saw the next ten years of my life flash in front of me, a series of missed evenings or a race to get home just to see my family before bedtime. I didn’t want that.


Corinium isn’t unique in promoting remote working. Many companies are catching on and I often say that by the time my son enters the world of work he’ll laugh about how we had to put on silly clothes and travel for hours just to go to work. However where I do feel we are different is the type of person we look for and the type of person that really soars within a company like ours. As we look to build our European office up I’ve been doing a lot of interviewing recently and it’s made me realise just what a special and unique place to work Corinium is. Sure, like all major event companies we have numbers and targets that absolutely have to be hit, we have to be continually innovating in order to move forward and in a crowded marketplace we have to be completely clear on our vision and how we communicate that vision. However we manage to do all of that whilst creating a wonderful company culture full of positivity and enabling our employees to do something else with their lives rather than just work, commute, eat and sleep.


Whereas mentioning a life outside of work can reflect negatively within some companies, it’s essential here. Whether its spending two hours after work playing with your kids in the garden, walking the dog, painting your spare bedroom, playing sport, binging on netflix or working on your side hustle, we encourage it at Corinium, we want to see pictures of it and we want to hear about it. The freedom to really be yourself within this company is something I treasure and have not seen previously at other companies I’ve worked for. Because of that freedom we attract people that genuinely want to work hard and succeed at their jobs.


It’s a really exciting time at the moment for the Europe office. We are on a recruitment drive currently as we look to build up the office and put a lot more industry-leading events out to market. There’s a reason we have been named in both the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 and SME Export list within the last 6 months and as we look towards 2020 we have substantial but achievable goals to hit in order to continue our growth.

Adam Shaw

Adam Shaw
Managing Director, European Events, Corinium Global Intelligence









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