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Here is who you can meet at CAO Fall!

We are honoured and humbled to have so many innovators speak at our annual, Chief Analytics Officer, Fall.

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Adam Wilson (43)-1

Technology Development & Adoption - Keeping up with the Rapid Pace of Change

  • With many market leaders now digital first companies, how can traditional bricks and mortar companies compete with digital disruptors? What are the key considerations and value drivers?

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Adam Wilson (13)-2

Data Sharing - the Key to Health Transformation Through Analytics

  • How can transformation of services be accelerated through effective data use?
  • Should healthcare organizations be sharing data?
  • What are the common challenges?

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Adam Wilson (16)-2

Panel Discussion: Supporting the Proliferation of the Chief Analytics Officer & Chief Data Officer Roles - Future Convergence or Divergence?

  • Examining the proliferation of the CDO and CAO, evaluating trends of appointment and future trajectory.

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Adam Wilson (1)-2

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence - Hype vs. Reality

  • With pretty high expectations for performance and deliverables from these approaches and technologies, we discuss the reality of what is currently being delivered. Is it a fix all solution or are...
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Adam Wilson (1)-1-1

Artificial Intelligence vs. Augmented Intelligence - Accelerating Intelligence Ecosystem

  • Pros and Cons of Augmented Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence discussed  What are the risks to be aware of when using Artificial Intelligence?

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