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CDAO Germany

17-18, April, 2024

NH Munchen Ost Conference Center

Sponsor Portal

This portal is designed to be a one-stop shop for everything you need in relation to your sponsorship of the event, including:

  • Contact Information for Corinium Staff
  • Venue and Accommodation Information
  • Event Checklist
  • Exhibition Details & Delivery Instructions (if applicable to your sponsorship)
  • Details on How to Register your Onsite Team 
  • Marketing Details

As always, if you have any questions at all please reach out to the team:

Rebecca Jasper 
Natteleigh Sydney-smith

Monika Dincheva

Prudence Quinn

Ben French



Venue and Accommodation Information

NH Munchen Ost Conference Center

Einsteinring 20, 85609 Aschheim Munich Germany


Accommodation Details

We have a courtesy hotel room block at the NH Munchen Ost Conference Center.  Accommodation can be limited so we highly recommend you book your staff bedrooms ASAP to avoid disappointment. 

Please book using the below link:



Event Checklist




Logo & Profile for website/marketing/signage

Please e-mail a JPEG and EPS version of your logo along with a 150 word profile to rebecca.jasper@coriniumgroup.com


(if not already supplied)

Onsite Team Registrations

Register your onsite team by this date. See ‘Staff Registration’ section below for further details.


2 Week Out Attendee List

We will distribute the most up to date attendee list to all sponsors. Please note, Corinium must have received full payment before the list can be released.ased.


30-Second Advert (only applicable if in your  sponsorship contract)

If included in your contract, please provide us a copy of your 30-Second Advert by this date/


Seat Drop Slot Confirmation (only applicable if in your sponsorship contract)

If included in your contract, we will confirm when your seat-drop will take place during the event. Please bring 150 copies with you to the event or have them shipped to arrive in time. 


AV Orders

If you wish to order  AV for your stand such as a monitor.  Please return your completed form to by this date.


Final Attendee List

Final Attendee list will be send to you by this  date.



Exhibition Details


As per your Sponsorship Agreement, Corinium will provide you with the following:

- 2m x 2m Floor Space

- 1 x table (4 ft 11 inches x 2ft 6 inches with a white tablecloth)

- Access to Power (Please bring an extension cable with you with correct EU adapter/ plug)

- Access to Wi-Fi 

- 2 x chairs

Anything you do must stay within the allotted space and not exceed 2 meters in height.  

We recommend exhibitors bring pop up banners for branding, a branded tabelcloth and swag to encourage traffic flow. We also suggest bringing or hiring a monitor (booking details to follow shortly) to show how your software works.

If you have decided to have a custom stand built and/or are using an external provider for any part of your stand, please let us know the details of the installation, supplier, etc.

There is limited onsite storage available for packing materials, boxes, etc.  It is suggested that exhibitors keep packing materials to a minimum.

Important Note: Every piece of electrical equipment that is brought on-site must be PAT tested 



16th April - Set-up: The exhibition area will be open from 6pm - 7:30pm for set up. We request that you are completely set up for attendee registration at 8am on 17th April, 2024.

18th April - Break-down: Exhibitors can breakdown their stand from 3:20pm on 18th April,2024 and need to vacate the space by 5pm. 

Please note, exhibitors are responsible for setting up and breaking down their own booth.


WOW M.I.C.E people. Please download the exhibitor order form and return to Katharina Heusgen k.heusgen@wow-mice.de


Prize Draw


During the drinks reception at the end of day 1, there will be a raffle/draw with prizes donated by our sponsors. On arrival to the event, all attendees will receive a draw card which they will complete and return to the registration desk in order to be entered into the draw. The entry form will also have exhibitor logos on the back with a “stamp” space next to each them. In order to receive a double-entry into the prize draw, attendees would need to get their card stamped by at least 75% of exhibitors. We will provide all exhibitors with a stamp. The prize draw will take place during the drinks reception and attendees have to be there in order to win.

Please confirm by 3rd April what your draw prize will be. Prizes will be promoted pre-event and onsite detailing which prize is from which sponsor. Please have prizes sent directly to the venue. Due to attendee’s onward travel please avoid anything large, liquid or breakable. Gift ideas – vouchers, wireless headphones, wireless speakers, smart watch, tablet etc.




Corinium are working hard to ensure that our events are as environmentally friendly as possible. We are aiming to reduce overall waste onsite at events over the coming years and will be working closely with the venues to do our part for the environment and we ask that our sponsors do the same. 
Please consider your stand set up and items and merchandise onsite at event and where possible opt for the more environmentally friendly option i.e., re-use banners/signage, opt for non-plastic giveaways etc.



The venue will maintain 24-hour security throughout the duration of the event. While every reasonable precaution is taken, Corinium and the venue accept no responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur to exhibitors property. We highly advise that exhibitors take anything of value with them when they leave their stand for the night.


Delivery Instructions

Shipping Address:

Company Name

CDAO Germany 2024

NH Munchen Ost Conference Center,

Einsteinring 20,

85609 München

Please ensure you make your own arrangements to courier your materials to and from the venue.  We strongly suggested that you check on the delivery of your materials BEFORE you arrive at the venue.

Please courier materials to arrive from and not before 12th April, 2024.

Any items you ship to send should be clearly labelled. 


Please be aware that deliveries that are not clearly labelled have a high chance of going missing.

Please note: It is the sponsor's responsibility to organise the collection of goods post- event and return shipping. 

If you are leaving boxes, banners, etc. for courier collection after the event, please ensure that all items are clearly labelled and that a Corinium team member or venue staff has been informed.

Staff and Registration Details

In your sponsorship contract you will have been allocated a specific number of onsite passes for the event.  Please remember these should be used by individuals within your organisation with specific industry knowledge relevant to the event.  

You will need to register your team passes prior to the event and by 17th April, 2024 to ensure that your team's badges are available for collection at the event registration.

In order to register your passes, please see the registration buttons above and enter the details requested.


17th April, 2024
Registration & Refreshments: 8am
Conference: 8:40 am - 5:30 pm
Drinks Reception: 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm


18th April, 2024
Registration & Refreshments: 8 am
Conference: 8:50 am - 4:10 pm
Booth breakdown from 3:30 pm, and space must be vacated by 5 pm


The break times of the conference will be the peak traffic times for the exhibition area. Please refer to the below links for the current program (Note – timings and schedule may change at any time). A final program will be sent out to you prior to the conference.


Marketing Details

If our marketing department have not already been in contact with your marketing pack, please let us know.

If applicable, please forward the relevant contact details for PR and Marketing support within your organisation so we can discuss ways to promote your participation at the event. Alternatively, please forward them these details:

Natteleigh Sydney-Smith
Marketing Manager 

WISH LIST: Please submit up to 50 individuals or organisations that you would like to see in attendance at the event, and we will endeavour to get as many of those requested onsite. Deadline to submit your wishlist is 4 weeks prior to the event to ensure we have enough lead time.