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Cloudflare - Sponsor Portal

This portal is designed to be a one-stop shop for everything you need in relation to the event, including:

  • Contact Information for Staff
  • Venue and Accommodation Information
  • Event Checklist
  • Exhibition Details & Delivery Instructions (if applicable to sponsorship)
  • Speaker Information (if applicable to sponsorship)
  • Staff Registration and Details
  • Marketing Details
  • Event Resources Page
  • Lead Retrieval App Details

As always, if you have any questions at all please reach out to the team:

Raileen Yamco
Claudia Peixoto

Michelle Ribeiro 

Rhys Ghorashi

Venue and Accommodation Information


Hilton Brisbane
190 Elizabeth St,
Brisbane City QLD 4000 



Accommodation Details

Attendees are able to secure their reservations directly with the hotel via their own booking link. Guests will require a valid credit card when making the booking to guarantee the reservation. 

Hilton Brisbane Booking Link: https://www.hilton.com/en/book/reservation/rooms/?ctyhocn=BSBHITW&arrivalDate=2024-08-26&departureDate=2024-08-29&groupCode=GCGIA&room1NumAdults=1&cid=OM%2CWW%2CHILTONLINK%2CEN%2CDirectLink

Group Code: GCGIA


Parking Details

The Hotel offers valet parking for $58.00 per car and is subject to availability on the day. We recommend attendees to organise parking through the Wintergarden car park. The car park has direct access to the Hotel and Level 5 Event spaces.
Please use the entry via Elizabeth Street up ramp to access the parking area Elizabeth Street. It's important to note that the car park has a height restriction of 1.85 meters. For detailed parking information, please click here.


Event Checklist




Logo & Profile/s for marketing/signage

Email a JPEG and EPS version of your logo and a 150 word profile to raileen.yamco@coriniumgroup.com


(if not already supplied)

Staff registrations

See section ‘Staff Registration & Details’ for further details

2nd August 2024

Document/s or URL/s for Event Resources page

See section ‘Event Resources' for further details

2nd August 2024

Exhibition Form (if applicable to sponsorship)

See section ‘Exhibition Information’ for further details

2nd August 2024

 Valiant Events & Prime AV order

See section ‘Furniture & AV Supplier - Valiant Events' page

2nd August 2024

Speaker Form (if applicable to sponsorship)

See section ‘Speaker Information’ for further details

2nd August 2024

Exhibition Details

Links to complete

Below you can complete your exhibition form


As per your Sponsorship Agreement, Corinium will provide you:
- Floor space 
- One skirted table (approx. 1.7 x 0.7m)
- One 4-plug power board
- Two chairs

If you have decided to build a custom stand or are using an external provider for any part of your stand, please let us know the details of the installation, supplier, etc. You can complete this detail on the “Exhibition Form”.

Limited onsite storage facilities are available for packing materials, boxes, etc.  It is suggested that exhibitors keep packing material to a minimum.

Important Note: Every piece of electrical equipment that is brought on-site must be tested and tagged in accordance with AS/NZS 3760 prior to use. Testing and Tagging It is a legal requirement in all temporary Exhibition work sites that all electrical equipment be tested and tagged in accordance with the NSW Work Health and Safety Regulations and Australian Standards. This applies to all contractors working on site and exhibitors who bring in electrical leads and appliances for their stands during exhibitions.  Please ensure all your electrical equipment is tested and tagged prior to the conference.



Bump in/Set up: The exhibition area will be open from 6:30 am for set up. I request that you are completely set up for registration and arrival catering at 8:00 am.

Bump Out/Pack down: You are permitted to start dismantling your stand after the afternoon break. This time will be confirmed closer to the event once the program is final.

A floorplan confirming your exhibition space will be sent out closer to the conference and any revised access times will also be confirmed closer to the conference where applicable.

We are currently not holding space the night before for the exhibition set up.  If your stand will require more than one hour to set up, please inform me as soon as you can.



In order for Corinium to be fully aware of your stand requirements please complete your exhibition form (button above) by the deadline listed on the “Event Checklist” (button above).



Valiant Events have partnered with Corinium to tailor a range of packages for exhibitors. All rates on the packages include hire, set up, delivery, damage waivers, etc. so there are no hidden charges.

Should you wish to book any expo furniture, please email Craig Rogerson on craig.rogerson@valiant.com.au

Valiant Events can create a package for you. Should you wish to tailor packages or add anything to your stand/package, please contact Craig via the email above or the numbers below and he will be happy to help.

Exhibition furniture items can be found on their website valiant.com.au. If you have any questions or would like to speak to Craig please contact him at 02 9690 4027 or 0419 475 118.


For Audio Visual requirements, kindly contact Prime AV as they can arrange any AV requirements you may have. 

e. mnutt@primeav.com.au 
p. 02 9310 7070    m. 0400 220 304 

Please refer to the below packages for TV with stands. Larger screens, laptops, smaller display screen for tables, etc. can be hired as well and this can be discussed with Michael if need be.

TV screens with stands packages. All prices below include all cabling, labour, and GST.
•    42”     $450.00
•    55”     $594.00
•    65”     $1,000.00
•    75”     $1,070.00

*The monitors are mounted on 2m high exhibition stands and have both HDMI & USB inputs.  Prices include all cabling, labour and GST.  The price on the larger monitors jumps up as they require 2 techs to install & dismantle.

Please note that Corinium will supply you with a clothed trestle table, 2 chairs and power for your stand as included in your sponsorship package. There is no need to order this through Valiant Events however if you have a custom build stand or back wall which requires power, I suggest having them arrange this for you as there may be specific power requirements.



Corinium will be working to ensure our events are environmentally friendly as possible. We are aiming to reduce overall waste onsite at events over the coming years and will be working closely with the venues to do our part for the environment and we ask that our sponsors do the same. 

Please consider your stand set up and items and merchandise onsite at event and where possible opt for the more environmentally friendly option i.e., re-use your banners/signage, have less printed material onsite and make it available for download, use less plastic merchandise etc.



Venue security will maintain 24-hour security throughout the duration of the event. While every reasonable precaution is taken, Corinium and the venue accept no responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur to persons or property. It’s our advice to take anything of value with you when you leave for the night.

Delivery Instructions

Links for information to view and download

Below you can download the delivery label and any other relevant delivery and/or venue details

Please ensure you make your own arrangements to courier your materials to and from the venue.  It is strongly suggested that you check on the arrival of your materials BEFORE you arrive at the venue.

Please courier materials to arrive on and not before 26th August 2024 (the last working day before the event). A label outlining venue information is listed below. 


Please be aware that any deliveries that are not clearly labelled using the below label have a high chance of going missing.

Note: It is the sponsor’s responsibility to advise the venue contact of the date of delivery, approximate time, specified description and the number of items. It is also the sponsor’s responsibility to organise the pick up the return of goods back to their organisation. 

If you are leaving boxes, banners, etc. for a courier pick up after the conference please ensure that all items are clearly labelled and that a Corinium member of staff or venue staff has been informed.

Speaker Information

Link to complete

Below is the link to the speaker registration form


As a sponsor with program involvement as a part of your contract, you will be required to send through a copy of your speakers name, job title, company name, session title and description and complete the speaker registration & requirements form (link below) and presentation. You can use any presentation program you like i.e. PowerPoint, Prezzi etc. however PowerPoint is preferred. The format of the presentation must be 16:9. 

Please complete your speaker registration & requirements form by clicking on the button above.

NOTE - Presentation slides post event -

If you wish to submit a revised version of your presentation for distribution post event, please ensure that the revised presentation is received within 2 business days post event for publishing. If you miss this deadline your presentation may not be uploaded in time for the post event presentation email. 

Staff and Registration Details

Links to complete

Below is the link to the staff registration form

In your sponsorship contract you will have been allocated a specific number of passes to the event.  Please remember these should be used by individuals within your organisation with specific industry knowledge relevant to the event.  

We are asking all sponsors to understand that we cannot allow any more people onsite than you have been allocated in your contract to ensure we can keep a higher number of delegates/speakers at the event. Please also ensure that the same people are onsite for the duration of the event where possible. 



You have 3 passes for the event. These passes include a pass for your speaker (registration link for your speaker is above).

Staff will need to register prior to the event to ensure their badge is available at registration. Please note all attendees including staff will not be allowed on site without being properly registered.

In order to register your passes, please see the registration buttons above and enter the details as requested.



The break times of the conference will be the peak traffic times for the exhibition area. Please refer to the below links for the current program (Note – timings and schedule may change at any time). A final program will be sent out to you prior to the conference.


Marketing Details

If our marketing department have not already been in contact with your marketing pack, please let us know.

If applicable, please forward the relevant contact details for PR and Marketing support within your organisation so we can discuss ways to promote your participation at the event. Alternatively, please forward them these details:

Claudia Peixoto
Marketing Manager 

DISCOUNT CODES: In addition to the conference pass allocation in your sponsorship agreement you can also offer this discount code to your clients and prospects.  This will entitle them to receive a discount of 20% on their conference pass.

If you are yet to receive these from our marketing department, please let us know and we will forward this onto you.

WISH LIST: Please submit up to 50 individuals or organisations that you would like to see in attendance at the event, and we will endeavour to get as many of those requested onsite. Deadline to submit your wishlist is 4 weeks prior to the event to ensure we have enough lead time.

Event Resources Page

As part of your package, we provide you with the opportunity to place a PDF document or URL on the event website which will be used onsite as the event information centre accessible via QR code scanned onsite. 

The PDF document or URL can be a company brochure, product information sheet, advertisement, case study etc.

You can submit up to two items (total). You will need to submit the PDF document/s or URL/s to raileen.yamco@coriniumgroup.com


There will be no extensions made to this as the website needs to be prepared so please note that above deadline.

We will be using Eventspass for our onsite registration system and they will be working with us to provide lead capture to sponsors onsite using your own device.  Please find all the information and help documents you need on the right side.

Further details on this and how to order this will be sent out directly from Eventspass in 3-4 weeks prior to event.

If you have any further questions on this, please do let me know.