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Asia Pulp & Paper’s Sankaraiah Sreeramula Takes on Integrating Data into Business Decision-Making

Corinium’s Eleen Meleng had the opportunity to speak to Dr Sankaraiah Sreeramula, the Chief Data Scientist at Asia Pulp & Paper, ahead of CDAO Indonesia



Data provides valuable insights and objective information that can guide strategic planning and operational decision-making. Asia Pulp & Paper Chief Data Scientist Dr Sankaraiah Sreeramula shared his thoughts on the evolving role of data in business decision-making and explores upcoming trends for 2023.

Topics covered in the conversation include:

  • Significant business decisions made based on data insights at Asia Pulp & Paper
  • Steps to ensuring the accuracy and reliability of data
  • The challenges faced in leveraging data for decision-making
  • Strategies for integrating data into the company’s decision-making processes.

In this interview, you will also have a peek at how data informs sustainable business practices.

Join us at CDAO Indonesia 2023 to hear more from Dr Sankaraiah Sreeramula. Check out the agenda and register to attend by clicking this link!