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Australia’s Award-Winning Jalpa Bhavsar: Leveraging Transferable Skills to Break into Cyber

Jalpa Bhavsar shares insights on how to leverage soft skills and build technical knowledge to pursue a successful career in cybersecurity

In this episode of the Business of Infosec podcast, host Michelle Ribeiro is joined by mentor, speaker, podcaster and award-winning Cybersecurity Professional, Jalpa Bhavsar. Together they walk through Jalpa’s bittersweet transition to a cyber role, and how she’s continuously investing in herself to serve her clients and the organisations she works for.

In the discussion this week:

  • Some of successful ways to identify and leverage transferable soft skills
  • Strategies to invest in developing the technical skills required for cybersecurity professionals
  • Jalpa’s inspiring experience shifting careers while going through the maternity journey
  • Successful examples of people she has mentored, including a chef, a retail store manager, and a civil architect
  • How Jalpa is continuously supporting those interested in pursing a career in cyber in her videos and podcast