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Data, Analytics, and AI Trends at CDAO Germany 2024

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In advance of our upcoming CDAO Germany conference on April 17th and 18th in Munich we asked our industry-leading speakers the trends that are shaping the industry

Chief Data and Analytics Officers (CDAO) Germany, features industry-leading data and analytics executives from a diverse range of industries who will be spotlighting the trends, challenges, and opportunities that lie ahead.

Data, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming the way that companies do business in Germany, and all over the world. Here, our speaker faculty offer a glimpse into the trends poised to redefine industries, from the integration of generative AI (GenAI) into production processes to the architectural shift towards data mesh.

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Trends to Watch: GenAI Goes to Production

Markus Rotter, Head of Data Science and Software Development at telecommunications firm Vodafone, underscores the critical transition phase as organizations put GenAI use cases into production, stressing the importance of harnessing these new technologies to create tangible business value.

“Getting GenAI use cases into production with substantial value is not just about embracing new technologies—it's about strategically employing them to catalyze business growth,” Rotter says.

Value creation leading to business growth is a key element of how organizations will assess the success of GenAI initiatives. Once the peak of hype passes, executives expect data teams to produce ROI.

Markus Rotter-1
Markus Rotter at CDAO Germany 2024

Eike Brechmann, Head of Technical Excellence at insurance firm Allianz Partners spotlights GenAI's potential to integrate seamlessly into ‘traditional’ industries, generating unprecedented value, particularly for customers.

“I’m most passionate about figuring out how to embed advanced AI in ‘traditional’ sectors to generate value at scale, especially for customers,” Brechmann explains.

This focus on customer-centric innovations highlights not only the operational gains that can be made in GenAI across various industry verticals, but also the potential for customer-facing benefits.

Eike Brechmann at CDAO Germany 2024

Data Democratization and Discovery

Ronald Root, Head of Data and Analytics at maritime contracting company Van Oord, thinks that the democratization of data and analytics will continue to transform the way that organizations in Germany conduct their business and make decisions.  

"The extreme speed of data analytics democratization is making advanced insights more accessible to everyone," Root notes, emphasizing the transformative impact of universally accessible insights.

This emphasis on simplifying data discovery and usage underscores the need for a robust data architecture designed to support advanced analytics and GenAI.

Ronald Root-1

Ronald Root at CDAO Germany 2024

Evgeni Hasin, Director of Data Analytics at Insurtech platform wefox is focused on a decentralized approach data architecture, designed to make structural improvements to the way that data is managed and accessed.

“I am most interested in the shift to data products and data mesh architecture,” he says. “It's relevant today as many companies are undergoing this process, to various degrees of success.”

“Generally, this data mesh approach works better than the centralized data monolith,” he continues. “Getting it right holds potential for great results.”

This move to data mesh architecture is further evidence of a trend of democratizing data access and enhancing discovery within organizations, fostering an environment where data can be more easily found, understood, and used by anyone, regardless of their technical expertise.

Evgeni Hasin at CDAO Germany 2024

Revolutionizing Business and Data Team Relationships

The emergence of GenAI and advancements in data analytics are not just technological milestones; they represent a pronounced shift in the relationship between business teams and data professionals.

This transformation, highlighted by our speakers at CDAO Germany 2024, is poised to redefine collaboration, decision-making, and innovation within organizations.

Rotter emphasizes the revolutionary impact of GenAI on the way that people and tools work together and imagines a future interaction between business and technology teams that is more intuitive and productive.

“GenAI is revolutionizing the way humans interact with machines, significantly enhancing the interface between business operations and technology,” he says. “This advancement supports the transformation of software development and data science from being an ‘art’ into a more streamlined, production-oriented process.”

Similarly, Hasin speaks to the transformative potential of leveraging large language models (LLMs) and other AI-driven technologies to directly connect business functions with data.

“Once LLMs and other AI-driven technology are able to connect the business with data directly, the entire domain of the Data function will be transformed,” Hasin explains. “It will be quite different to what we currently have. What exactly? I am excited to find out!”

This transformation signifies a shift from data teams serving as gatekeepers of data to becoming enablers of direct access and interaction, fostering a more dynamic and collaborative environment where business decisions are informed by real-time data insights.

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