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Former Equifax CIO talks Data Breach Lessons and Risk Reporting

Former Senior Vice President and CIO of Equifax and author Graeme Payne discusses reporting risks to the board



In this week’s episode of the Business of InfoSec podcast, our host Michelle Ribeiro is joined by Graeme Payne, Former SVP & CIO, Equifax, Author, The New Era of Cybersecurity Breaches: A Case Study and Lessons Learned (US).

During the Equifax 2017 Data Breach (which exposed the sensitive information on 146 million US consumers), Graeme Payne was Senior Vice President and CIO of Global Corporate Platforms. He was fired the day before the former Chairman and CEO of Equifax testified to Congress that the root cause of the data breach was human error and technological failure. Graeme would later be identified as “the human error”.

In the discussion this week:

  • How the CISO role is changing and blending into the CIO role
  • What the cybersecurity role might look like in the future
  • Biggest challenges cybersecurity leaders face when reporting risks to the board, and tips and hints on how to overcome them
  • “Dos” and “don’ts” when engaging the board and building stronger security programs and maturing their capabilities