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Interview with Atul Kapoor, former Director at Genworth Financial



Atul Kapoor, former Head of Risk Analytics and Predictive Modeling at insurance company Genworth Financial, shares his views on the rise of data science in the insurance industry.

“Innovation is definitely becoming a coming theme in various insurance companies,” he says. “I think it’s coming, one, because of the large amount of data that is available. It’s coming from small companies as well as big companies. And it’s coming by way of new start-ups. So, there’s a lot of money that’s going into the start-ups that are looking to disrupt conventional ways of doing things.”

He adds: “Our typical users used to be within risk or finance. But we are extending outward, in terms of working with the commercial and operations part of the organization, as well.”

Watch the video above now to discover how Genworth Financial uses risk models today. You’ll also discover where Kapoor believes the biggest opportunities for insurance industry analytics leaders will be going forwards.