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Interview with Gina Papush, former Global CDAO at QBE


Gina Papush, former Global Chief Data and Analytics Officer at QBE Insurance, talks about the birth of the company’s data and analytics function. As the first hire in the group’s data and analytics area, she was instrumental in transforming how QBE uses data.

“In the last 18 months, we have expanded the function across all of our regions,” she explains. “So, we have seen a dramatic shift and change in our business adopting data and analytics.”

“We’ve brought folks just like myself into each of the major regions,” she continues. “We’ve been building teams around them. We’ve expanded the types of analytics we do quite dramatically. We were initially quite focused on the claims area, and we’re now working across the underwriting and customer growth areas as well, with our business partners. And we have quite a few more data scientists and advanced analytics type folks, who have expertise in predictive modeling.”

  • Since conducting this interview, Papush has started a new role as Chief Data and Analytics Officer at health insurance company Cigna. She is also on the board at Honeysuckle health.