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DevSecOps Snapshots: QBE's Vinod Bansal Shares Keys for Tech's Flux

Corinium APAC Conference Director, Maddie Abe, had the privilege of engaging with QBE's Vinod Bansal's insights on navigating the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Vinod Bansal, DevSecOps Practice Manager with QBE Insurance, embodies a commitment to leveraging modern technology like automation, Gen AI and bots for solving intricate business and IT challenges.

Keep Pace with Tech Changes

At the forefront of today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape, Bansal emphasises that continuous exploration and continuous improvement are indispensable.

He calls this generation a “digital-savvy generation” where global enterprises embrace and integrate digital transformation to attain success through consistency and adaptability. He stresses the value of going out there to discover, learn and understand the new tools and capabilities. 

"Professional networking events play an important role in knowledge enrichment and to be well informed on latest trends and practices.”

Culture of Adaptability to be Resilient and Future-Ready

Bansal encourages a culture of adaptability within teams, urging them to set developmental goals and structured growth plans. He adds that following the "Learn, Unlearn & Relearn” concept, the team should be flexible to invest in their learning as per demand and future need which is important to create a resilient workforce environment in the organisation.

“A well-organised DevSecOps learning and development program is fundamental to uplift an organisation's cyber security and DevSecOps competency," he says. 


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AI's Transformative Impact

Addressing the transformative potential of AI in the Software Delivery Life Cycle (SDLC) and Cybersecurity, Bansal underscores its benefits while highlighting associated risks. He believes AI brings monumental benefits but also entails “risks related to data privacy, IP infringement, and cybersecurity vulnerabilities”.

Bansal foresees AI streamlining manual efforts across the SDLC, aiding DevSecOps by detecting vulnerabilities early and suggesting remedies. Additionally, AI-powered developer tools enhance productivity and elevate code quality and security.

"To ensure responsible AI use, it's crucial to create awareness and implement measures to mitigate these risks," he says.

Bansal also outlines a strategic framework for AI implementation, underscoring four pivotal questions when assessing or integrating AI technology within an organisation:

  • Understanding AI Capabilities: Have I understood AI technology and its capabilities completely?
  • Defining Purpose: What is the purpose of this technology in my organisation?
  • Addressing Security & Privacy Concerns: How can it be utilised in the most secured way addressing the security and privacy concerns?
  • Ensuring Intended Use: Can it be used outside the organisation's intended purpose?

Balancing Innovation and Security

Looking ahead, Bansal envisions AI and DevSecOps as foundational pillars of an organisation. 

"With a comprehensive understanding of AI and additional preventive measures, AI holds promise in solving diverse business problems," he says.

I believe soon DevSecOps with AI will become fundamental elements of an organisation’s IT backbone.”


Vinod Bansal will be speaking at DevSecOps Sydney 2024. Check out the agenda and register to attend by clicking this link!