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Driving Efficiency, Flexibility and Scalability with Cloud Solutions

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from cloud solutions, according to JEB Founding Director Brian van Schellebeck and Ravi Poligadoo, Territory Manager: Mauritius and Mozambique at Oracle

Enterprise-level organizations need not be the only ones to reap the benefits of cloud solutions. They can also be a powerful enabler for growing businesses.

In this episode of Data Conversations Over Coffee, Brian van Schellebeck, Founding Director at IT services firm JEB, and Oracle Territory Manager: Mauritius and Mozambique Ravi Poligadoo argue that the flexibility and scalability of cloud solutions are well suited for all growth-focused businesses.

Van Schellebeck explains: “This where the model is ideal, because we consume small when we are small and [the amount] we pay is as well small.”

One of the big advantages van Schellebeck has seen from building his organization around cloud services is the opportunity it offers to scale his operations in line with the growth of his business.

“I personally see the cloud as an enabler – I see it as something powerful and the idea of being able to scale is for me amazing,” van Schellebeck says. “If I want to expand internationally tomorrow, I can do it, because I have a partner who has a scalable platform.”

Poligadoo adds that it’s not just companies that were ‘born in the cloud’ that can benefit from cloud solutions. There are also options for businesses that require some on-premises servers, or for those that want to start small.

“[Some] information can stay on-premise,” he explains. “The transactional part of it – the analytics – the BI tuning can be done in the cloud.”

“[If] you want [the] security of [keeping] your data on-premise behind your firewall, that’s fine,” he concludes. “Let us give you the opportunity to do analytics and reduce that load of doing it on-premise on huge servers.”

Key Takeaways

  • Cloud solutions are within reach for smaller businesses. They can benefit from starting small and only paying for what they use
  • Businesses can tailor cloud solutions to their needs. Companies of any size can tailor solutions to include just cloud storage or to take advantage of bleeding-edge analytics technology
  • The cloud helps businesses scale data operations easily. Whether a company wants to grow regionally or internationally, the cloud offers the opportunity to do so quickly at scale